Aegea features

Features available only to paid users are marked with the sign 

New in version 11

Set up your own main menu — see below 

Hidden tags are only visible to the author but influence the recommendations

Italian interface language

Works with PHP up to 8.2

Non-modal search: just start typing on any page of the blog

Improved calendar navigation

Link to a random post 

Background defenselessness check and other security improvements

Adjust the list of sign-in services CFG

Gal, a new theme with optional dark mode support

WebP images support

Support looped soundless videos with a @loop file name modifier

Earlier in version 2.10

Automated recommendations and teasers with smart beautiful layouts — see below 

Tag’s feed and search results now include related tags

Paste a file from clipboard into the Editor with ⌘V

The most popular posts of the month are now displayed at the URL .../popular/

Hidden posts: retain their publish date and comments, but are visible only to the author

In “Subscribe to blog” window, YouTube and  TikTok were added and icons of other services updated 

Each post and tag, as well as your blog as a whole can have an adjustable description for search engines and social networks

Post snippets are used in tags, archive, and some other places

In a draft preview, a snippet of how social networks will see the post is displayed

Sign in to comments via Telegram

French interface language

Upload MP4 and MOV videos to posts

Mark up fragments of uploaded or external video

Fiesta, a new theme with optional dark mode support

Continuous incremental backup

Paid users now see their license expiration date in Settings 

Writing posts

The  Write button is always available to the author in the corner

Markdown-like formatting syntax is used

Supported block elements: headings of various levels, paragraphs, ordered and un­or­de­red lists, tables, quotes

Any stand-alone line starting with .something gets displayed as a paragraph with class ‘something’

Built-in classes: .lead, .loud, and .foot

A · B · I

Inline links, italics, and bold text is supported

URLs become clickable links automatically

Tweet URLs become interactive tweets automatically

Emoji 🎉 are supported

For any other formatting, HTML can be used freely

YouTube and Vimeo URLs become playable videos automatically

To upload an image, audio, or video, just drag them into the Editor, as many as you want

Paste a file from clipboard into the Editor with ⌘V

Supported formats: JPG, GIF, PNG, WebP, SVG, MP3, MP4, MOV

To replace an existing file with the same name, hold orAlt

Adjacent images in the Editor become a pageable gallery

Text immediately below an image or a video becomes its caption

There is a syntax to insert external audio

Mark up fragments of uploaded or external audio and video, i.e. individual tracks in DJ mixes or chapters in podcasts

Code in 18 programming languages gets automatic syntax highlighting

Press “Save and preview”, then choose whether to publish the post or continue editing

Posts are continuously stored in the browser while you write — the text won’t get lost

To save changes to server while editing, press ⌘S orCtrl+S

Schedule a post to get published at a particular date and time: there is a drop-down calendar next to the Publish button 







Make your own theme as different from the built-in ones as you want

Adjust code syntax highlighting colors

Add custom HTML wrapper around each post or around the blog as a whole by using “extras”

Themes are built with CSS variables, so making your own is very simple





Use theme preview page to adjust all elements of your theme in one place without the need to click around the whole blog and check if everything looks good




The themes Plain, Acute, and Fiesta optionally support the system Dark Mode

Global styles simplify setting up Aegea as a section of an existing website with its own styles 

If you link your website’s existing CSS to Aegea and then add your own header and footer HTML to the theme Embedded, Aegea will magically look as if it was your website’s section 

All themes are adaptive and support mobile devices

Automatic typography

Aegea maintains neat typography in all text

Apostrophes, curly quotes, and dashes are fixed for you automatically:
Wow, Hotel California’” is playing  thats great!

The typography rules respect the traditions of the chosen language (see “Languages” below)

Short prepositions and unions are glued to the following words with non-breaking spaces

Short words with a hyphen (“ad-hoc”) and contractions (“i. e.”) are protected from line wrapping

If a link text is put in quote marks, the link underline doesn’t get under them, but they remain to be a clickable part of the link

Automatic typography works in posts, comments, and blog subtitle


Work on drafts of your posts until you are ready to publish

A draft is created when you first save a post

When you have drafts, the  Drafts button is displayed in the corner

The Drafts page displayed images from the posts for faster recognition

In a draft’s preview, a snippet of how social networks will see the post is displayed

Schedule a post to get published at a particular date and time in the future or publish with a date from the past 

Share a secret link to an unpublished-yet posts, i. e. to show to a sponsor before posting 


Withdraw an already-published post to make it a draft or just hide it from readers

A hidden post retains its publish date and comments, but is visible only to the author

Comments and reactions

Readers can leave comments to your posts

There is some spam protection ;-)

Enable or disable comments for individual posts

Choose whether comments are enabled or disabled by default when you publish a new post

Comments are deleted without confirmation, but undo works

Enable comments only for recent posts to avoid a situation where a clueless reader accuses you of old news commenting a five-year-old post

By default, a posts is conserede “recent” for two weeks CFG

A new comments indicator 5 is displayed in the corner and points to posts with new comments in sequence

Text formatting is similar to the one available in posts, but without raw HTML

Automatic typography works

To comment, readers sign in with Twitter, Facebook, VK, Telegram, or by specifying an email address 1

Require sign in with a social network for extra protection

Adjust the list of sign-in services CFG

To save the authors from having to register their blogs as “applications” in social networks, an intermediary authorization service is used on Aegea’s website

If you want, you can set up direct login with social networks CFG

Author’s replies to comments are displayed directly under them

The author can edit the comments as well as the replies

If a reader leaves their email address, the author’s reply is sent to this address automatically 2

Readers’ email addresses are visible only to the author

A reader may subscribe to a discussion to get others’ comments by email 2

Every email contain an unsubscribe link

Author may enable getting all new comments by email 2

Spotlight imporant comments and replies

Adjust maximum comment lenght CFG

Display view counts under each post

1 VK requires PHP 7.1+

2 Sending mail may depend on server settings

Main menu 


Включите главное меню для упрощения навигации по блогу

Выберите, что показывать в меню: избранное, популярное, обсуждаемое, теги, календарь, случайную заметку

Можно добавить как ссылку на страницу тегов, так и отдельные важные теги

Пункты меню можно расставить в нужном порядке, перетащив прямо в нём

Через меню доступна навигация по календарю и ссылка на случайную заметку

Recommendations and teasers 


Aegea recommends related posts to read next

Recommentations only contain posts marked as favourites

The recommendations get automatic beautiful layout that accounts for the length of text and number of images

The main page feed includes teasers — recommendations of greats posts from the archive that are inserted between the chronological posts

If no related posts are found, the most popular posts are recommended and used as teasers

A tag’s feed starts with a gallery of the most popular posts with that tag



Enable sharing buttons for Twitter, Facebook, VK, and Telegram in Settings

Set up your Twitter handle to use in tweets when sharing CFG


If a post has at least one image that can be used as a cover, Pinterest sharing becomes available


Add LinkedIn and WhatsApp sharing if necessary CFG

Easily add a “Subscribe” button that opens a list of links to social networks where your blog is broadcasted 


RSS and JSONFeed broadcasting of the blog as a whole, posts with a particular tags, and search results

Each posts is available in a JSON form

Adjust a number of posts in a feed CFG

The posts with uploaded audio can be subscribed to as a podcast 


Podcast cover is generated automatically from the author’s avatar 


Adjust podcast metadata for Apple Podcast directory  CFG

When you share a link to a post in a social network, images from the post get retrieved as well as the covers of used YouTube and Vimeo videos

A post may have a cover image that is not part of the post itself

Each post and tag, as well as your blog as a whole can have an adjustable description for search engines and social networks


Insert your Google Analytics code into a field in Settings 

Insert your Yandex Metrics code into a field in Settings 

Use “extras” to insert and analytics code


Tags groups posts by topic or kind, i. e. music, travel, observations, sponsored

To create tags, add them in the Editor separating with a comma

Tags help Aegea understand how posts are related and generate recommendations 


Hidden tags are only visible to the author but influence the recommendations

Each post’s tags are displayed under it

Clicking a tag opens a feed of all posts with that tag

A tag’s feed starts with a gallery of the most popular posts with that tag

There is an  Edit button on top of a tag’s feed — change the tag there, and it will update in all posts

A tag’s feed includes related tags

Posts can have any number of tags

Tags can have any number of posts

Tag’s feed page can now have a custom heading

Add an introductory text to a tag, and it will be displayed in the beginning of its feed

In the introductory text, use any markup, including custom HTML, uploaded images, audio, and video, as in posts

Subscribe to all tag’s posts by  RSS or  JSONFeed


There is a build-it search box

Search understands morphology, so it will find a word in any form

If you have a tag that matches the search query, Aegea will give a link to that tag, as well as to related tags, in addition to the search results

Non-modal search: just start typing on any page of the blog

Favourite posts are ranked higher in search results

YouTube and Vimeo covers are also displayed in search snippets

Subscribe to search results by  RSS or  JSONFeed

If you initiate a search from a page with a form, the search results will automatically open in a new window

Aegea manages search indexing automatically

Search results are displayed as convenient snippets with images for quick recognition

Search technology used is Rose

Favourite, popular, most commented, and posts archive

Click the star next to an important post to add it to Favourites

Favourite posts are also used for recommendations and teasers 


All favourite posts are displayed by the URL .../selected/

Most popular posts of the month are displayed by the URL .../popular/ 3

Most commented posts of the month are displayed by the URL .../hot/

A gallery of most popular posts is shown on the 404 page  3

A tag’s feed starts with a gallery of the most popular posts with that tag

The URLs .../2016/, .../2016/05/, .../2016/05/09/ and similar display lists of all posts in the specified year, month, or day

There is navigation by years, months, and days

Избранное, популярное, обсуждаемое, а также ссылки на календарь и случайную заметку можно добавить в главное меню 


The URL .../all/ displays the full list of the blog’s posts

Favourite posts are ranked higher in search results

Change the period for which the most commented and popular are calculated from the default of one month CFG

3 Popular posts appears after Aegea gains enough statistics

Languages and traditions


interface languages: English  , French , Italian , Russian , Ukrainian , Belarusian

The content may be in any language thanks to UTF-8 support

Aegea changes the words and adds suffixes to numbers with respect to the language (1 com­ment, 2 com­ments, the 3rd of October)

The flexible language subsystem allows you to add custom inter­face language that would account for declension among other things

The typography rules and dates formatting account for the tra­di­ti­ons of the selected language

Keyboard control

⎇E opens the Editor for the current draft, post, or tag

⎇S in Editor saves changes to server without reloading the page

in the title field moves focus to the text field

⌃↵ saves changes in the post and opens previews, saves changes in other forms

Editor supports standard Google Docs shortcuts:
⌘B — bold,
⌘I — italic,
⌘K — hyperlink,
⌘⌥0 — regular paragraph,
⌘⌥1 — heading,
⌘⌥2 — subheading,
⌘] ⌘[ — quote level

Paste a file from clipboard into the Editor with ⌘V

In Windows, in place of  and  use Ctrl and Alt

(Ctrl in Windows) navigates between the adjacent posts, as well as days, months, and years in the archive

Hold while dragging an image, audio, or video to the Editor to replace existing file with the same name

URLs of posts and tags

Set custom URLs for posts and tags

Adjust the URLs when editing a draft, published post, or tag

A post gets its URL when its draft is created, a tag, when first used

By default, a romanized post’s title or tag’s name is used as the URL

When you change an URL, the previous one get an auto­ma­tic redirect to the new one

Control Panel

The author manages the blog in the browser by signing in with a password

No username is used to sign in, just a password

When you sign in, Aegea remembers you forever and never asks for a password again

Check the “Public computer” checkbox to avoid that

There is a protection agains brute-force password attack

Author’s avatar can be changed in Settings and is used as favicon

Sign in from multiple devices simultaneously

Check the “Open session” page to see a full list of devices you are currently signed in from, and sign out from all except the current one

If you forget your password, Aegea will help you reset it by sending a special email

If email is not configured, Aegea will save a link to reset the password on the server

In Aegea, there is no control panel as in “a separate interface for managing the blog”, it’s just that the author sees more buttons than the readers

Setup and update

The built-in Installer creates the necessary files and database tables

For setup, enter your database access credentials and come up with a password

Self-diagnostics will tell which file or folder permissions are missing for normal operation

If you already have a database of Aegea 2.0 or higher, the Ins­tal­ler will use the data from it

You may also specify database access credentials in environment variables, which is useful when Aegea is used in Docker

Install multiple blogs in one database by using different table prefixes CFG

Aegea updates semi-auto­ma­ti­cal­ly: you upload a new version to server, Aegea migrates the database and makes other changes


Aegea automatically backs up posts, comments, and tags — everything, that is stored in the database

If you have the “zip” PHP exten­sion on your server, you can download the latest backup from Settings

Aegea effectively backs up every single change, so the backup is always complete and current


Aegea works with HTTP and HTTPS

Aegea uses UTF-8 encoding

Aegea supports sitemap.xml

All scripts are minified

Adjust the sender email address for notifications CFG 2

Background defenselessness check: Aegea will draw your attention to server misconfiguration if secret files are accessible from outside

The 404 page opens at the requested URL withot redirects

Set a limit to the size of uploaded files folder, and Aegea will disable uploads after it’s reached CFG

If the server does not support humane URLs, Aegea will use the URLs starting with ?go=

If Aegea misunderstood the server configuration, you may adjust it manually CFG

Aegea stores each post’s timezone and correctly shows the time even if you travel

If a server is pointed to by several domain names, you may adjust the default one, and Aegea will redirect to it CFG

For efficiency, Aegea caches some database queries and formatted text

The cache’s validity is maintained automatically, the user doesn’t need to invalidate it

2 Sending mail may depend on server settings