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For commercial use

Aegea is paid for commercial use. This includes writing about products or services, or just using domain names of organisations.
If ads is the main content of the blog, it’s commercial. Engine name and link to this website must be shown in any case.

One-year license is $ 49

Write to me after paying:

For personal use

Aegea is free for personal use. This means you write under your own name for your own pleasure.
Personal blog can have some ads. Engine name and link to this website must be shown.
Download for free

Version 11, build 4079

No warranty

I want you to use the engine and be happy with it. If you find out it doesn’t suit you in the first two months, I’ll return the money.

Unfortunately, I’m not responsible for anything that happens to your blog, including any damage it may cause. Even if you’ve paid for the license.

Use Aegea only if you like it the way it is.

When the license is over

After the license is over, you cannot continue to publish new posts with Aegea.

But you don’t have to close it: the posts you have published can remain available for as long as you like. You can even update the engine.